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Mitchell Turton and Jason Warnock
Southland Announces 2023 STAR Student

The STAR student award is a top academic achievement award given annually to a senior class member who has the highest SAT score in one sitting and is ranked in the top 10 students or top ten percent of the school’s graduating class. The PAGE Foundation Program of Excellence coordinates this program yearly. Dr. Larry Collins is pleased to announce that Mitchell Turton is Southland Academy’s STAR student for the graduating class of 2023. The STAR student has the privilege of naming a STAR teacher who has had a major influence on his life. Mitchell selected Mr. Jason Warnock as his STAR teacher. Mr. Warnock currently teaches Algebra 1 (Honors), geometry (Honors and Regular), and Algebra 3. We congratulate Mitchell and Mr. Warnock on this honor.

Thu Jan 26 01:13 PM

varsity football
Southland Releases 2022 Varsity Football Schedule

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Wed Mar 09 12:00 PM

Lower School CrossFit Learns About the Jesus and the Lame Man

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Tue Mar 01 07:31 AM

STAR Student
Southland Announces STAR Student

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Wed Feb 02 07:41 AM

Dominican Republic Mission Trip
Southland Shares Gospel and Art With Dominican Republic

Mrs. April Duke and Mrs. Donna Law lead a group of Southland students on a mission trip to the Dominican Republic this summer.

Thu Aug 19 07:10 AM

Anatomy Class
Anatomy Class Learning Anatomical Directions and Terminology

Mrs. Humphrey's Anatomy students are learning anatomical directions and terminology! Chalk and playdough makes everything fun no matter how old you are!

Tue Aug 17 11:14 AM

Southland Graduate Receives SGTC Aviation Scholarship

Southland Graduate, Ragan Norman, receives SGTC Aviation Scholarship

Mon Nov 23 12:31 PM