Learning Lab

Southland Academy wants to ensure that each student is given the opportunity to achieve at his or her academic peak.  Our Learning Lab helps to identify students in 2nd through 12th grades with potential learning differences or difficulties.  Through multiple tiers of interventions, the Learning Lab can customize instructional strategies for each individual student and offer some accommodations.

 The Learning Lab has two distinct services.  The tutorial program provides subject-specific tutorial assistance to students experiencing academic difficulties.  Students will meet with a tutor two or three times per week during study hall or non-academic time during the school day.  This session maybe one on one or small group and occurs in the Learning Lab.  The cost of this service is $75.00 per month and is not covered by tuition.

 The second type of service offered through the Learning Lab involves accommodations recognized by the College Board and other private high schools and universities.  The accommodations include, but are not limited to, extended time on tests, testing in a small group, and tests read aloud.  Documentation by professionals in the medical field or educational psychology is required for this service.

 For more information about the Learning Lab, please contact John Brady, Lab Director, by clicking "Learning Lab Inquiry" or call 229-924-4406.