Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact Patty Webb, Head of School, with any questions you have using the link below or by calling 229-924-4406.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the deadline for applying?

  • Southland limits each grade so applying earlier can be beneficial; however, there are no hard deadlines to apply.

  • The first financial aid awards are done in mid-March so applying for financial aid and scholarships should be done by March 10th.


Can I visit a classroom?

  • Yes, we encourage parents and students to visit.

  • During COVID, these visits may be limited.


What is the entrance test?

  • The test is part of the evaluation to make sure Southland is a good fit for your family.

  • The test has a language arts section and a math section.


Can I pass or fail the entrance test?

  • No, the entrance test is not a pass or fail.  It assesses based on a percentage where a student tests on a particular day.

  • The tests are used as a guide, not as a pass or fail option.


What is financial aid?

  • Financial aid is awarded to families who qualify based upon financial need.  

  • The school uses an independent, third party to evaluate the need.


Are those who receive financial aid listed?

  • No, it is all confidential.   No parent, teacher, or board member knows who receives financial aid.


How do I apply for financial aid?

  • It is an annual application.  A family answers a short questionnaire and provides their latest federal income tax return.


What are tuition payment options?

  • Most families pay monthly; however, there is a semi-annual option.