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Mr. Billy Stubbs Honored at Southland Academy Graduation
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Wednesday, May 27, 2020
Mr. Billy Stubbs and his wife, Elaine, celebrate the honor with their family.
Mr. Billy Stubbs and his wife, Elaine, celebrate the honor with their family.

At the 2020 Southland Academy Graduation, Headmaster Ty Kinslow announced that the high school building would, hereafter, be named the William E. Stubbs High School Building.  Mr. Kinslow most affectionately and respectfully said, “I am honored to take the opportunity at this very special occasion to pay tribute to a man who is synonymous to Southland Academy.  Mr. Stubbs has served the Southland Academy family for the past 50 years with positivity, compassion, and loyalty. He has had well over 3,000 students to pass through his classroom and I’m willing to bet that he can put a name to the faces of each one of them. In the many capacities that Mr. Stubbs has served at Southland, he has shown an unmatched passion for our school and an unconditional commitment to his students. He is a brilliant mathematician and Southland graduates continue to reap the benefits of his knowledge. 

It is because of his dedication, faithfulness, and love of Southland Academy that we, the Southland family, Administration, Faculty, Staff, and Board of Trustees dedicate and name the high school building, in which Mr. Stubbs shared his gift of teaching with thousands of Southland students for 50 years, the William E. Stubbs High School building.” 

We congratulate Mr. Stubbs upon receiving this well-deserved honor and wish him the very best future.

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