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A Season For Giving
Christmas is the season for giving.  Southland students have taken that statement to heart this year.  They found many...

Knight and Birchfield Speak at RaidersCrossfit Meeting   
The Southland Academy Lower School students hosted special guests for the December RaidersCrossfit gathering. Adrian Knight,...
Pictured are Coach Knight and Birchfield at the RaidersCrossfit Meeting

Lower School Students Share Christmas Spirit through Singing   
Southland Academy’s Lower School Music Director, Mrs. Tonya Dent, makes sure many of the residents of local and close by...
Pictured is the 4th grade singing at Perfect Care.

Angie Bell's 5th Grade Class Has a Mystery Reader   
Mrs. Angie Bell’s 5th Grade class was visited by a "Surprise Guest Reader"!  Mary Anne Wingard, better known as “Mother”,...
Pictured with

Author Kay Heath and Mr. Read It, the frog, visit Southland Academy.   
Retired school teacher, Mrs. Kay Heath has put her love of reading and children together to become author of several entertaining...
Pictured are Author Kay Heath and Mr. Read It along with the Southland second grade students.  Maddox Miller, Mrs. Heath`s grandson, is seated in Mr. Read It`s lap.

3rd Graders Have "Surprise Guest Reader"   
Mrs. Shay Torbert's 3rd Grade class was visited by another "Surprise Guest Reader"!  Bartow Williams (Lacey Williams father)...
Pictured with Mr. Williams are students in Mrs. Shay Torbert’s 3rd grade class.

McDonald Speaks to Personal Finance Classes   
Mr. Marty McDonald, a 30-year veteran in the insurance field, visited the Personal Finance classes at Southland Academy recently....
Pictured with Mr. McDonald are Brandon Looney and Geoffrey McDonald.

Southland’s Lower School—grades K3-5th grades—recently presented “The Sights and Sounds of Christmas”...
Lower School presents

GISA All-Star Football Players   
Head Football Coach Rod Murray was pleased to recently announce to the school that four senior football players have been chosen...
Cauldin Smith, Coach Mike Smith, Hunter Weldon, Colt Stephens, Ryan Weaver

Third Graders at Southland Academy have recently been studying various Ecosystems in Science. Each student was challenged to...
Shown with their creations are Julia Clair Hubbard, Sydney Joiner, Sara Mac Roach, Georgia Perry, Ryan Exum, Perry Usher, Will Godwin, and Bradley Wille.

2015 Southland Academy Senior Class Favorites   
Most Likely to Succeed - Nevena Stojanovic, daughter of Mr. Zoran and Dr. Smiljka Stojanovic;Zafar Alam, son of Mr. and Mrs....
Senior Class Favorites pictured are Ella Hawkins, Nevena Stojanovic, Macy Nutt, Avery Hart, Mary Cromer, Shelby Carson, Hannah Smith, Julie Bryce, Sara Westra, Kendall Crew, Cole Varnum, Pyne Greene, Hunter Weldon, Ruric Slocumb, Zafar Alam, Cody Clements, Colt Stephens, Dillon Hernandez, Hood Souter, and Cleve Bass.

Personal Finance Class Enjoys Visitor   
Recently the Personal Finance class had local realtor, Mrs. Mary Kathryn Davis, as a visitor to the class.  She spoke to...
Pictured with Mrs. Mary Kathryn Davis are Baylee Palmer and Rebekah Davis

Raider Club 30/30 Gun Raffle Daily Winner Update   
Click the image below to see the daily winners!  

Fifth Graders Patriots Day Celebration   
The fifth grade students are ready for their Patriots Day celebration.  They have experienced the Colonial period through...
Pictured are some of the 5th graders dressed in thier Patriot attire.

Third Graders Make Veterans "Thank You" Cards   
Third graders at Southland Academy recently recognized area Veterans by making them "Thank You" cards. The students expressed...
Pictured with their Veterans “Thank You” cards are  Rebecca Jones, Banks Simmons, Mary Beth Easterlin, Kate Pritchett, Luke Tarrer, Camie Cochran, Mia Mixon, and Gracie Wilson.

One Act Play Performs   
Southland Academy’s 2014 One-Act Team performed the play “Libby Pearce Drinks,” a play by Tim Mogford, for...
Pictured are:  (Back Row)  Stagehands--Jayna Patel (sound), Farrah Sechrist, Sam Usrey, Hoyt Gurley, Andrew McDonald, Jake Sanders, Hood Souter, Julie Bryce (Director), Baylee Palmer, and Kathleen Kinslow (lighting); (Seated)  Actors--Shelby Carson (Erin), Jordan Sanders (Julie), Mary Margaret Turton (Lindsey), and Lilli Dickens (Jen).

The following students have made the Honor Roll for the 1st nine weeks at Southland Academy.  An overall average of 90 in...

The following Lower School Students have made the Honor Roll for the First Quarter:Second Grade:  Jackson Avant, Sydney...

Martha Ann Fennessy Reads to Mrs. Fisher's Class   
Martha Ann Fennessy, grandmother of Matthew Peck, was a surprise guest reader in Mrs. Gayle Fisher's homeroom.  Mrs. Fennessy...
Mrs. Fennessy Mystery Reader

Sixth Grade Enjoys Field Trip to Plains, GA   
Southland Academy's 6th grade students traveled to Plains High School to attend the play Raising a President: The Story...
Pictured is the 6th Grade Class of Southland Academy

Mystery Reader Visits Third Grade Class   
Mrs. June Lightner was a "Mystery Reader" recently for Mrs. Terri Jones' third grade class at Southland Academy. She read the...
Pictured with Mrs. Lightner is her granddaughter, Emily McCorkle.

Citizens Bank Reps Speak to Personal Finance Classes   
The Personal Finance classes at Southland Academy were honored to have representatives from Citizens Bank of Americus come and...
Pictured with Whitney Johnson and Cathy Williams are Landon Henson and Macy Nutt.

Fire Department Clowns Teach Fire Safety   
Southland Academy students were thrilled to host the members of the Americus Fire & Emergency Services.  FTO Whitt,...
Southland Academy second grade teacher, Spring Minick, assists the clowns and Sgt. Westbury as the smoke detector alarm in the Fire Safety Skit.

Southland to Host Veterans Day Celebration   
Southland Academy Lower School Director, Mrs. Laura Kinslow, announces that Southland Academy will host its annual Veterans Day...
Southland Academy Lower School Students Prepare to Host Veterans Day Celebration.

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Southland Students Learn About Epilepsy   
What is Epilepsy?  This is a question asked by the students in Mrs. Angie Jones's class because they have a fellow student...
The students pictured above are from Angie Jones`s kindergarten class at Southland Academy.

Mystery Reader Visits Mrs. Jones' Third Grade Class   
Mrs. Susan Easterlin recently surprised Mrs. Jones’ third grade class as a "Mystery Reader."  She read, "Twas the...
Pictured with Mrs. Easterlin is her granddaughter, Mary Beth.

Coach Tondee Speaks at RaidersCrossFit Meeting   
Coach Rusty Tondee was the guest speaker at the Lower School RaidersCrossfit meeting.  Approximately 80 students in grades...
Pictured with Coach Rusty Tondee are some of the students who attended the RaidersCrossFit meeting.

Local Firemen Receive Snack Boxes   
Southland students share snack boxes with the local firemen.
Pictured are some local firemen receiving snack boxes.

Law Enforcement Receive Snack Boxes   
Southland students share snack boxes with Sheriff Pete Smith and his department.
Pictured is Sheriff Pete Smith receiving snack boxes for his department.

EMTs Receive Snack Boxes   
Southland students share snack boxes with the local EMTs for Make a Difference Day.
Pictured are local EMTs receiving snack boxes.

Custodial Staff Receive Snack Bags   
Southland students share snack bags with the Ms. Sabrina, Mr. Tony, and Mr. Michael for Make a Difference Day.
Pictured with students are Ms. Sabrina, Mr. Tony and Mr. Michael as recipients of snack bags.

Third Grade Class Has "Surprise Guest Reader"   
Dorothy McMichael, grandmother of Camie Cochran, was a "Surprise Guest Reader" in Mrs. Shay Torbert's third grade class. She...
Pictured with Mrs. Dot McMichael, Surprise Guest Reader, are third graders.

Reader Surprises Third Graders   
Mrs. Shay Torbert's third graders were recently surprised when Mia's Mixon's grandmother, Sherry Mixon, showed up to read to...
Grandmother Sherry Mixon Reads to Third Grade Class

Southland Academy Lower School students lead the Veterans Day program on Friday, November 7, 2014.   
Southland Academy lower school students acknowledged Veterans Day on Friday, November 7, 2014, with a grand celebration. Hosting...
Shown is Speaker Hugh Deloach and others in attendance.

Halloween Candy Collected for Operation Gratitude   
Southland students under the leadership of Mrs. Allison Fennessy Peck collected left over Halloween candy for Operation Gratitude. ...
Pictured are some the students` handwritten notes to the soldiers.

5th Graders Observe National Orthodontic Health Month   
In celebration of National Orthodontic Health Month, Dr. Robert Moss, visited the Southland 5th graders.  A graduate...
Shown with some of the 5th graders is Dr. Robert Moss.

Southland Band and Raiderette Dance Team Participate in Veteran's Day Parade.   
The Southland Academy Raider Band and the Raiderette Dance Team participated in the 1st Annual Veteran's Day parade in Downtown...
Shown are Raiderettes and band members marching in Veteran`s Day Parade.