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Raiders Host "Glory Days" Tournament
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Monday, January 20, 2020
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The Southland Raiders Wrestling Team hosted their 2nd annual "Glory Days" tournament Jan 17-18. This year's teams included Brandon Hall, Brookstone, Bulloch, Calvary Christian, Creekside Christian, Deerfield-Windsor, Gatewood, George Walton, John Milledge, Piedmont, Pinewood Christian, Robert Toombs Christian, Stratford, Tiftarea, Valwood, and Windsor.  Over 130 wrestlers competed in the 14 different weight classes.  Below are the results:

106 lb weight class
3rd place- James Major Johnson, Gatewood
2nd place- Banks Durrance, Pinewood Christian
1st place- Sullivan Ryan, Bulloch
113 lb weight class
3rd place- Boone Pope, Piedmont
2nd place- Wesley Tippins, Pinewood Christian
1st place- Garrett Sapp, Bulloch 
120 lb weight class
3rd place- Spencer Sharp, Bulloch
2nd place- Antonio Del Vecchio, Valwood
1st place- Tanner Humphrey, Southland
126 lb weight class
3rd place- Nathan Dummitt, Stratford
2nd place- Nico Eberhardt, George Walton
1st place- Perry Jake Stone, George Walton
132 lb weight class
3rd place- Jordan Cadiere, Gatewood
2nd place- Adam Massey, Bulloch
1st place- Beau Mitchell, George Walton
138 lb weight class
3rd place- Landon Griffin, Southland
2nd place- Ryan Denhardt, George Walton
1st place- Ben Becker, Bulloch
145 lb weight class
3rd place (tie)- Angus Bateman, George Walton, Levi Collins, Gatewood
2nd place- Will Rhodes, Southland
1st place- Harrison Wren, Bulloch
152 lb weight class
3rd place- Clay Williams, Creekside
2nd place- Colman Fort, Southland
1st place- Chris Sperin, George Walton
160 lb weight class
3rd place- Michael Dagenhardt, George Walton
2nd place- Hunter Hogan, Stratford
1st place- Mark Coley, Jr., Tiftarea
170 lb weight class
3rd place- Camden Johns, Pinewood Christian
2nd place- Alex Ahn, Brandon Hall
1st place- Patrick Morris, George Walton
182 lb weight class
3rd place- Brock Heath, Pinewood Christian
2nd place- Tyler Joyner, Southland
1st place- Jake Wasdin, Bulloch
195 lb weight class
3rd place- Charles Dodds, Bulloch
2nd place- JaysonWright, John Milledge
1st place- Kieran MacKinnon, Stratford
220 lb weight class
3rd place- John Saye, Southland
2nd place- Jesus Gonzales, Bulloch
1st place- Evans Plowden, Deerfield-Windsor
285 lb weight class
3rd place- Josh Davis, Bulloch
2nd place- Gray Morgan, Piedmont
1st place- Korbett MacGregor, Pinewood Christian
3rd- Southland
2nd- George Walton
1st- Bulloch
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