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Monday, March 12, 2018

Southland Academy Lower School applied for and has received a $500 grant from the Lower Chattahoochee River Soil and Water Conservation District.  This grant will help the Lower School to purchase a Tower Garden for a classroom with the goal to be one Tower Garden per building and eventually one per classroom. Having Tower Gardens in schools, students can learn about sustainable Aeroponic growing for the future using a "hands on approach" in the classroom.  Students and teachers can use the Tower Gardens to learn about Aeroponics and water recycling to grow foods, how to go from seed to plate in the classroom and how to move from seed propagation to harvesting fresh greens at the peak of ripeness.    This grant will help broaden the STEAM exploration in our Lower School students offering a cross curricular learning approach and will fit nicely into science, math, health studies, environmental studies, sustainable agriculture, technology and engineering.  Likewise, through the hands on gardening experience, students will reap academic, physical, social and emotional, and school and community and eventual global benefits.


Southland Academy appreciates the Lower Chattahoochee River Soil and Water Conservation District for its desire to help promote natural resources conservation and conservation education for the youth of our community.


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