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5K Classes Enjoy Thanksgiving Feast
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Friday, November 17, 2017
5K Classes Enjoy Thanksgiving Feast
5K Classes Enjoy Thanksgiving Feast

The 5K classes at Southland Academy had their annual Thanksgiving Feast celebration on November 14th. The students dressed as Pilgrims and Indians and two students dressed as turkeys for the special day. The students performed songs and recited poems for those in attendance. Students were treated to story time from a surprise reader, Mrs. Nancy Short. Afterward, students enjoyed a feast complete with chicken, beans, corn, cornbread, fresh fruit, and pumpkin muffins.

The 5K classes have been learning about what life was like for Indian kids growing up over 400 years ago and what life was like for Pilgrim kids who came to America around that time. Students discussed several daily activities that each of these groups of kids did many years ago. After learning about the activities that Pilgrim kids and Indian kids did, students were able to specify if each activity would be easy or hard for them to do.

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