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Burrell, Carol Counselor
Humphrey, Clint Assistant Headmaster & Athletic Director
Kinslow, Ty Headmaster
Webb, Patty Math/ Academic Dean
Kinslow, Laura Lower School Principal

Bell, Angie Lower School
Bell, Lori Lower School
Brady, John Learning Lab Director
Brock, Robin Lower School
Bryce, Jackie Math/Science
Buchanan, Pam Lower School
Collins, Lisa Lower School
Cromer, Cindy Lower School
Davenport, Mary Social Studies\English
Dent, Tonya Lower School\Music
Dillard, Dana English
Duke, April Lower School
Foster, Rundy
Fuller, Lori Lower School
Gatian, Rosalind Science (Department Chair)
Hammack, Nathan Science
Hancock, Rolie Science
Hicks, Josh Social Studies
Hoffman, Nikki Math
Humphrey, Alison Science
Humphrey, Clint Assistant Headmaster & Athletic Director
Israel, Eric Physical Education
Ivey, Rob Band Director
Jarvis, Johnnie English
Jeter, Virginia English (Department Chair)
Jones, Angie ElemLibrary/ElemTechnology/AR
Jones, Joanie English
Jones, Terri Lower School
Law, Donna Foreign Language
Ledger, Lorrie Lower School
Minick, Spring Learning Lab K-12
Moore, Renee College Counselor and Computer\Technology
Murray, Rod P.E.
Rooks, Laura Lower School
Roquemore, Peggy Lower School
Saye, Leigh Anne Lower School
Short, Nancy Media Specialist
Smith, Mike Physical Education
Stubbs, William Math
Swinson, Kristy Elementary Art Teacher- Lower School Aide
Tondee, Rusty History
Torbert, Shay Lower School
Trollinger, Angie Administrative Assistant & Art/ Upper School
Waddell, Crystal Lower School
Warnock, Jason Math (Department Chair)
Webb, Patty Math/ Academic Dean
Welch, Susan History (Department Chair, Teacher, Coach)
Whittaker, Kathleen Reading
Whittle, Stacey Lower School
Wills, Judy Business\Technology

Clayton, Rena Lower School Aide
Collins, Terry Receptionist/School Nurse
Dacus, JoAnne Elementary Aide
Frazier, Ginger K3/Aide
Griffin, Dannie LS Aide/ Extended Day
Hanley, Tina Admistration/Assistant to Counselor
Mathis, Melanie Development/Alumni
McClung, Karen Business Manager
Minchew, Shirley Lower School\Aide
Minchew, Shirley Lower School\Aide
O'Hern, Kathy Raider Club
Shellhouse, Michael Maintenance
Short, Clarence (Bobo)
Smith, Dot Lower School\Aide
Warren, Angelia Lower School Aide
Wojnar, Tracie Lower School Aide

Baldwin, Kim FANS President
DeMott, Tim Athletics
Lindsey, Raney Athletics
Parrish, Doug Athletics
Shattles, Mike Athletics
Thaxton, Jimmy Athletics