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Guidance Counselor

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Counseling Corner

The School Counseling Department at Southland Academy offers many services designed to assist students in K3 through the 12th grades develop their talents and capabilities. The School Counselor assists students in planning for both the present and the future and helps students become self-directing and responsible citizens. We encourage parents to be active in the student's planning process. 

Our main focus is to help our students find success by:

  • Helping develop positive attitudes among students towards self, family, and community.
  • Counseling with students individually and in groups to understand and appreciate their unique qualities and to grow personally and socially.
  • Supporting students by teaching skills for achieving success.
  • Developing and delivering classroom guidance lessons that teach skills such as making healthy decisions, resolving conflicts, and respecting others.
  • Assisting students to become invested in their school success by showing them how school performance relates to future opportunities and careers.
  • Working collaboratively with students, parents, and teachers to identify and remove barriers that may impede student achievement.

Some of the School Counselor's responsibilities are:

  • Individual Counseling, Group Counseling, and Classroom Guidance
  • Parent/Teacher Conferences
  • Standardized Testing (Entrance Exam, Spring Testing, AP Exams)
  • AP Coordinator
  • Girl Talk Advisor
  • Learning Lab Director
  • Middle and High School Honors Days
  • Graduation Committee
  • Jr. and Sr. Career Day


We want all of our students at Southland Academy to have a positive educational experience in order to experience success at learning. Please let us know what we can do to help your child!