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About the Learning Lab

The Learning Lab Program is in its fifth year here at Southland. The Lab serves as a support system for students that struggle in one or more areas, or have learning disabilities. The Learning Lab is currently staffed by John Brady and Spring Minick. Nicole Hoffman is also available at certain times during the day to help with high school math. The staff provides an opportunity for students to learn individually or in smaller groups, take tests in quiet, relaxed settings, and improve their overall organizational or study skills. Through this program, we are able to assist our students not only here at Southland, but also in their college journey by helping them gain accommodations through the College Board, they may not otherwise be able to access. The underlying goal of the Learning Lab is to understand why the student struggles and help them overcome those struggles, in order to become successful in Southland's rigorous curriculum, as well as in their lives beyond high school. The fees are not covered in the general tuition of the student.

For more information contact Learning Lab Director John Brady at (229)924-4406 ext. 4678 or school counselor Carol Burrell at ext. 4684.