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Southland Academy, a college preparatory school, provides a seamless and cohesive educational experience for grades K3 - 12.  Our belief is to provide an educational experience that prepares each student academically, socially, spiritually, and physically. Southland boasts of small class sizes in which each student is able to reach his or her maximum academic potential.  Our mission is to provide a firm foundation on which each student can build a strong mind, body and spirit.  To learn about the curriculum at each level (lower, middle, and upper), click on the following links.

Mrs. Patty Webb

Academic Dean





 Lower School


The purpose of our lower school curriculum is to provide a positive and exciting environment of exploration and discovery, establishing the
foundation for growth both academically and
personally.  From three-year-old kindergarten
until fifth grade, students receive the building
blocks for a solid academic base.  The aim of
the curriculum is to instill a natural curiosity and
a love of learning, the habit of daily individual
study, a sense of responsibility for one's own
work, and the central academic skills.  Students receive daily instruction in language arts, reading/literature, mathematics, science, and history/social studies. In addition, students
participate in enrichment classes:  physical education, computer skills, spanish, and the fine arts classes of art, music, and band.  The curriculum encourages an ability to manipulate, apply, and integrate knowledge and skills.  Classes combine teacher-directed instruction with group work promoting personal achievement and a spirit of cooperation. The program also stresses the development of
self-discipline and independent work habits.

  Curriculum Chart for K-8  (left click to enlarge)






Middle School

     Southland Academy's Middle School consist of grades 6-8.  The middle school provides a transtition from the very structured atmosphere of the lower school to the less structured atmosphere of the upper school.  While the middle school continues to focus and build on the basics, the goal is also to progressively produce a more independent, self-suficient learner. 


Middle School Course Sequence

Curriculum Chart for K-8













 Upper School


     SouthlandAcademy is a college preparatory school designed to meet the needs of average to above average students who desire to go to the college of their choice. Southland’s upper school is designed to prepare our students for success at the university level.  Southland’s college preparatory courses provide the core content needed to prepare our students for this success level. Southland offers Honors, AP courses, and on-campus dual enrollment university courses for more academically ready students. 


Upper School Course Sequence

Graduation Requirements















 Raiders Reaching Out

    Southland Academy believes that promoting citizenship in our school and our community helps instill pride and respect in our students.  Because of this, Southland Academy incorporated a community service program as an integral part of the curriculum in 2013-2014.  This program, Raiders Reaching Out, requires community service hours as a graduation requirement.  For more information, including the number of hours needed and opportunities to serve, click the link below.


Raiders Reaching Out Additional Information

Service Hours Form

 Additional Curriculum Links:


Upper School Profile

Upper School Course Catalog