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Southland Academy Foundation

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Southland Academy Foundation

2017-18 Annual Fund Drive  Thank you to our parents and grandparents who are making their donations to the Southland Annual Fund. We sincerely appreciate your support. The Guthas/Hart family recently made contributions to this year`s drive.  Pictured L-R are Melanie Mathis, Director of Development; Mike and Laurene Guthas, grandparents of K-3 student, Henry Hart; Ty Kinslow, Headmaster; Henry`s parents, Hank and Kimberly Guthas Hart, Southland Class of 2000; and future Southland Raider, Abby Hart.   Please remember to make your donation on one of the giving levels. We thank you in advance.
2017-18 Annual Fund Drive Thank you to our parents and grandparents who are making their donations to the Southland Annual Fund. We sincerely appreciate your support. The Guthas/Hart family recently made contributions to this year`s drive. Pictured L-R are Melanie Mathis, Director of Development; Mike and Laurene Guthas, grandparents of K-3 student, Henry Hart; Ty Kinslow, Headmaster; Henry`s parents, Hank and Kimberly Guthas Hart, Southland Class of 2000; and future Southland Raider, Abby Hart. Please remember to make your donation on one of the giving levels. We thank you in advance.




 Southland Foundation 2019-2020 Board of Directors

Chairman- Hill Fort
Vice-Chair- Ed Shattles
Secretary- Patricia Fennessy
Treasurer- George Torbert
Jim Buchanan, John Davis, Kendall Dragoin, Terrence Duncan,Will Easterlin, Patricia Fennessy,  William Harris, 
Charles Pryor, Rhett Simmons, and Lewis Webb. 

Administration- Ty Kinslow, Headmaster; Melanie Mathis, Director of Development         


The Southland Foundation operates as a not-for-profit charitable organization incorporated under federal and state laws as a 501 c (3) tax-exempt status. The Foundation is organized to promote and support Southland Academy, Inc. by providing resources to ensure quality educational opportunities for our students in areas including supplementation of teachers salaries, student scholarship, capital improvements, and other worthwhile endeavors of the school. The Southland Foundation Board of Directors oversees and manages the school's endowment fund, as well as, the Venida T. and Thomas F. Layfield Scholarship, the Rose Ann Dupree Christian Heritage Scholarship, the Madeline Anne Wildes Scholarship, the Reagan Weston Weaver Scholarship, and the Ray Scholarship. 


1. Annual Giving Fund

Southland's Annual Giving Fund is established to provide opportunities for funding  that would otherwise come from tuition revenue. Money raised as a result of annual giving produces revenue to assure that our students continue to be prepared in the areas of academics, technology, arts, and athletics. Income from this fund gives our school a new source to support high priority needs, again reducing the dependcy on tuition income.

2. Endowment Fund

Growth of the Endowment Fund is essentail to ensure Southland's abilty to provide for expanding needs while controlling costs. The Endowment Fund is our school's "savings account" in which the principle is maintained in perpetuity, with only the income generated being used for restricted and unrestricted purposes. Using the Endowment Fund income to supplement needs provides two benefits: Southland can provide more competitive faculty salaries while keeping tuition lower. The fund also positions Southland to make annual facility improvements while avoiding the need and expense of long-term financing.

3. Memorial and Honorary Donations

Memorial and honorary contributions can be made to the Southland Foundation throughout the year. Contributions may also be made to the Venida T. and Thomas F. Layfield Scholarship, the Rose Ann Dupree Christian Heritage Scholarship, the Madeline Anne Wildes Scholarship, the Ray Scholarship, and the Reagan Weston Weaver Scholarship. 

Contribuitons to any of the above can be mailed to:

Southland Academy Foundation
P. O. Box 1127
Americus, GA 31709

Thank you to our contributors!

 Thank you to all of our Southland family members, alumni, and friends for helping us to exceed our goal of $120,000.00 this year.  We sincerely appreciate those of you who have contributed to the
2018-19Annual Fund.

"Your Gift Creates The Path To Our Success"

2018-2019 Annual Fund Donors


 Valedictorian Level $5,000.00 &


Salutatorian Level $1,000.00 -$4,999.00

Charles L. Mix Memorial Fund, Inc.


TSG Resolute

Kendall and Anthony Dragoin


Andrew Austin

Dana and Hope Fender


Greg Austin

Drs. Patricia and John Fennessy


Harold Austin

Lee Allen Lamberth


Stephanie and Blake Bennett

Northwestern Mutual Foundation


Mr. and Mrs. Jim Buchanan

Roy L. Parker Family Foundation


Joyce and Jimmie Buchanan

Rebecca and Charles Pryor

  Sara and Dennis Carey

Mr. and Mrs. Roulf E. Stephens


Jane and Larry Comer

Mary and Dan Torbert


Libby and Darrell Crenshaw

 Your Cause-Wells Fargo Foundation


Charles R. Crisp


John Davis 

 Star Student Level $500.00-$999.00


Mr. and Mrs. Will Easterlin

Ben H. Adler


Jane and Adam Graft

Kim and Raymond Baldwin


Katy and Chris Hagerson

Norma Baldwin


Ann and William S. Harris

Lisa P. Collins

  Mr. and Mrs. Melvin T. Kinslow

The Benevity Community


Parker's Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc.

Jackie and George Bryce


Dr. and Mrs. Louis A. Riccardi

Century 21 Realty


Lyndsey and Jeromy Roberts

Mary Kathryn and Rick Davis


Teresa and Bob Saint

Center For Educational Adventure/ Duncan Family


Trina and Ed Shattles

Diane and Joe Fletcher



Nancy and Mark Hayes


Caty and Brian Simmons

The Kinnebew Company


Mr. and Mrs. Rhett Simmons

Laura and Ty Kinslow


Daniel W. Smith

Elaine W. Lanier


Grace and Albert Tan 

Donna J. Law


Shay and George Torbert 

Dr. and Mrs. John Mixon

  Wright Waddell

Eliza C. Parker

  Jean and Wes Wheeler

Jenny and Kevin Reeves 


Amanda and David Young

 Abby and Sean Sheff


Northwestern Mutual Foundation

Jenny and Owen Stapleton



Jessica and Lance Styck



Beth and Lewis Webb


 Headmaster Level $300.00- $499.00

   Raider Level $10.00-$149.00   

Billy Easterlin


Jan Anthony

Rosalind Gatian


Ivy O'Hern Ballauer

Alison and Clint Humphrey


Angie and Chad Bell

Kasey and Todd Ivey


Margaret Roquemore Bickel

Chris and Bryan McMichael

  Valerie C. Bodrey

Mr. and Mrs. Antonio Remollino


Jean and Neil Bowen

Nancy and Bobo Short


Mr. and Mrs. John Brady 

Patty Webb

  Brooke and Colby Britt

Judy and Bill Wills

  Pam and Ben Buchanan



Rena Clayton  



Terry and Joel Collins 



Cindy Cromer

 Honor Roll Level $150.00- $299.00 


JoAnne and Keith Dacus

Brad Agers


Mary and Walter Davenport 

Americus Junior Service League


Carol and Jim Davis

Americus Veterinary Hospital/ Dr. and Mrs. Crawford


Kay L. Dempsey

David Burgamy


Dana and Hal Dillard

Carol and Jay Burrell


April and Ray M. Duke, Jr.

Katie and Terrence Duncan

  Christie and Jay Duke

LeAnn and Hill Fort


Rebecca and Johnny Ferguson

Ginger Frazier


Robert S. Fletcher

Jordan and Richard Gelber


Betty Fussell

Kim and Scott Gilbert


Dannie Griffin

Cherilyn Aad Buddy Guth


Laurene and Mike Guthas

Jay and Brooks Hart

  Cindy and Brad Hagerson

Kimberly and Hank Hart


Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Hammack 

John Heath

   Mr. and Mrs. Josh Hicks

Michelle and Ray Hughes


Nicole M. Hoffman 

Rob Ivey


Linsey Jennings

Shiela Kirkland


Brenda Jennings

Martha S. Kirkland

   Virginia Page Jeter

Ann Lacey

   Mr. and Mrs. Justin Johnson

Lisa and Tracy Law

   Terri and Jeff Joiner

Renee and Jimbo Moore


Angela Jones

Mr. and Mrs. Martin L. Shealy


Kelley Kinslow

Henry Teaford


 Jolie and Chad Ledger

Phyllis and Larry Tucker


Amy and Brian Leverett

Andrea and Adam Walker


Traci Madden

Northwestern Mutual-Goodwin Wright


Melanie S. Mathis


  Karen McCLung 



Loveard and Dorothy McMichael



Shirely Minchew



Spring Minick


Tara Mitchell



William A. Nelson


  Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. O'Hern


  Jewel Parker


  Cliff Pilcher
    Jeryl Pinnell


  Nancy and Jimmy Poole


  Allene and Sparky Reeves


  Pam and Robert Rojas 


  Mr. and Mrs. Chad Roland



Laura and William Rooks


  Peggy and George Roquemore 
    Jim Shiflett


  Laura and Stephen Stanley


  Kristy Swinson


  Ben Tallent


  Patricia and Jim Trask

Angie Trollinger


  Craig Walters


  Leah and Cornwell Webb 
    Susan Welch


  Kat and Danny Whittaker


  Stacey Whittle


  Thomas R. Wiggins


  Mr. and Mrs. O. A. Williams
    Lynsey and Dan Williams



Tracie and John Wojnar 



Jill and Ross Youngdale





General Contributions

Reagan Weston Weaver Scholarship
The Weaver Family
Teresa and Robert Saint
Krisann and Roland Weaver
Deyka and David  Smith
Leigh and William Bailey

Barbara and Wesley Weaver
Dr. and Mrs. Quint Weldon


Madeline Anne Wildes Scholarship
Southland Academy Board of Trustees

The Americus Junior Service League
Felicia and Jeff Alexander
The Mathis/Shemwell Family
Susan and Marshall Welch
Jean Bowen
Patricia Morgan

Jenny and Owen Stapleton
The Southland Academy PTO
Denise and Andy Lindsey
Laura and Ty Kinslow
Anne and Charles Snead
Terri and Danny Maxwell
Dorothy and Loveard McMichael
Leslie and Darrel Rye
Laura and Jeremy Joyner
Jane and Rodney Odom


Rose Ann Dupree Christian Heritage Scholarship
Lee Ann and Ric Tipton
Rose Ann and Alfred Dupree
Leslie and Darrel Rye

 Ray Scholarship
Kathy Ray Parks and Family
Jenny Ray Johnson and Family
Jimmy Horne and Family


2019 Memorials and Honorariums

In Memory: Morris Smith In Memory: Laverne Carter          
Mr. and Mrs. Melvin T. Kinslow Judy and Bill Wills          
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fletcher Melanie Mathis          
In Memory: John Paul Chambliss In Memory: Emogene Woody          
Nancy and Jimmy Poole Nancy and Jimmy Poole          
In Memory: Phyllis Walker In Memory: Tina Lightner          
Nancy and Jimmy Poole Susan Welch          
In Memory:Wesley Weaver In Memory: Julian Webb          
Tonya and David Dent Susan Welch          
Mr. and Mrs. Melvin T. Kinslow Melanie Mathis          
Laura and Ty Kinslow            
Jimmy, Dana, and Britany Touchberry In Memory: David Cochran          
Melanie Mathis Judy and Bill Wills          
Blake and Mike Reeves  Mr. and Mrs. Melvin T. Kinslow          
  Laura and Ty Kinslow          
In Memory: Ginny Sanderlin Whaley             
Nancy and Bobo Short  In Memory: Lauren Bullington Bloodworth           
Laura and Ty Kinslow   Melanie Mathis          
Mr. and Mrs. Melvin T. Kinslow  Amanda Mathis Shemwell          
Melanie Mathis Sharon Underwood          
Terri and Jeff Joiner Jan and Darrell Hobgood          
Kelley Kinslow Nancy and Mark Hayes          
Karen and Tony McClung Mary and Tucker Rush          
Susan Welch Susan Welch          
Jean and Jim Buchanan Laura and Ty Kinslow           
Jan and Darrell Hobgood Diane and Joe Fletcher           
Wanda and Charles Strickland            
Larry and Sherri Summers Divers In Memory: Avis Jewel Parrish           
Nancy and Mark Hayes Mary and Tucker Rush          
Mary and Tucker Rush            
Brenda and Wally Summers  In Memory: Jane B. Dean           
  Mary and Tucker Rush           
 In Memory: Harvey L. Simpson            
Catherine B. Mullis In Memory: Dr. Jim Bagwell          
Laura and Ty Kinslow Phyllis and Larry Tucker           
Mr. and Mrs. Melvin T. Kinslow Susan Welch          
Joni C. Cushing              
Joyce and Jimmie Buchanan In Memory: Barbara Simpson            
Connie and Mike Gurley  Joni C. Cushing          
Carol and Ron Hoxsie Elaine and Billy Stubbs          
Susan Welch Laura and Ty Kinslow          
Melanie Mathis  Susan Welch          
Blake and Mike Reeves  Mr. and Mrs. Melvin T. Kinslow           
Mary Kathryn and Rick Davis  Wanda and Charles Strickland           
Bonnie and Jule Windham            
Beverly Johnson  In Memory: Edna Allen Mathis          
Phyllis and Larry Tucker Laura and Ty Kinslow           
Vivian B. Milton Susan Welch           
Dr. and Mrs. Louis A. Riccardi Leesburg Animal Hospital, Dr.'s Haley and Charles Clark          
Amy R. Williams and Family Judy and Bill Wills           
Jean and Wes Wheeler Jean and Neil Bowen          
Jarrett and Joe Hooks Nancy and Bobo Short          
Janet and Hulme Kinnebrew             
Wanda and Charles Strickland In Memory: Gail Ariail          
Carolyn S. Wright Mr. and Mrs. Melvin T. Kinslow           
Ann and Harry Entriken Laura sand Ty Kinslow          
Joan H. Anderson Melanie Mathis           
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Garrett Henry L. Crisp           
Jean and Neil Bowen Nancy and Bobo Short           
Nancy and Jimmy Poole   Billy and Elaine Stubbs          
Scott Council and Family            
Brenda and Wallace Summers In Memory: Betty Deriso Pope          
Henry L. Crisp Susan Welch           
Debra and Rufus Short Melanie S. Mathis           
Vicki and Mike Primm Laura and Ty Kinslow           
Rachel and Scott Primm Nancy and Jimmy Poole           
Bailey and Sterling Ziegler  Mikki and John Ferguson           
Peggy and Allen Smith             
Blake and Chad Smith  In Memory: Gladys Greer           
Angie and Wes Smith  Ginger and Jerry Perkins           
Janis D. Webb             
Ginger and Jerry Perkins  In Memory: Freddie Dudley          
Allene and Sparky Reeves Ginger and Jerry Perkins           
Mr. and Mrs. William S. Harris            
Mikki and John Ferguson  In Memory: Don and Janet Marchman           
Cherilyn and Buddy Guth  Ginger and Jerry Perkins           
Tami and Ricky Duke            
Elaine and Billy Stubbs In Memory: Julian Webb          
Betty Ann and Eddie Ward  Ginger and Jerry Perkins          
Aynsley Simpson Giradeau            
Perry Drug Company, Inc. In Memory: Wayne Ray          
Dr. and Mrs. Douglas Joyner  Laura and Ty Kinslow           
Cathy and Al Williams             
Dorothy and Loveard McMichael In Memory: Andrea Gresham Hickman          
Nancy and Bobo Short  Laura and Ty Kinslow           
Midge and Bob Schuster             
  In Memory: Ronald Ponder          
In Memory: Ginny Sanderlin Whaley  Laura and Ty Kinslow            
Ginger and Jerry Perkins  Melanie Mathis            
  Nancy and Bobo Short          
In Memory: Mike Cochran             
Elaine and Billy Stubbs   In Memory: Edd Anthony           
Melanie S. Mathis  Elaine and Billy Stubbs           
Laura and Ty Kinslow  Melanie S. Mathis           
Nancy and Bobo Short Laura and Ty Kinslow          
  Nancy and Bobo Short           
In Memory: Wesley Weaver             
Libby and Darrell Crenshaw  In Memory: Grant Stepp           
  Dr. and Mrs. Louis A. Riccardi           
In Memory: Ray Worden   Melanie S. Mathis           
Traci and Rusty Tondee Amanda Mathis Shemwell          
  Susan Welch          
In Memory: Terrell Athon  In Memory: Clinton Holloway          
Sharon and Larry Underwood Mr. and Mrs. Melvin T. Kinslow          
Marilyn and Mike McLendon Melanie S. Mathis          
Melanie S. Mathis  Mr. and Mrs. Harry Entriken          
Amanda Mathis Shemwell  Anne and Shaw Fletcher          
Nathan Mathis   Elaine and Billy Stubbs          
Nancy and Wilkie Smith            
Elaine and Billy Stubbs In Memory: Jimmy Greene          
Zoe W. Duke  Nancy and Jim Gaston           
Mr. and Mrs. Melvin T. Kinslow  Joyce and Jimmie Buchanan           
Laura and Ty Kinslow  Dr. and Mrs. W. N. Reeves           
Nancy and Jimmy Poole  Ann and Harry Entriken          
Mary Lynn and Bo Sullivan  Anne and Shaw Fletcher           
Judy and Bill Wills Harriet F. Comer           
Lutrelle Perry  Sharon and Buddy McCrary           
Sue and Steve Austin  Mr. and Mrs. Melvin T. Kinslow           
Henry Crisp  Laura and Ty Kinslow           
Nancy and Bobo Short Mandy and Matt Latta, Sarah Shea, and Asher           
Susan Welch  Vickie and Sam Lott           
  Cookie and Bobby Peacock          
In Memory: Charlotte Minick  Malcolm Argo           
Judy and Bill Wills  Ann and Thomas Sheppard           
April and Ray Duke  Nancy and Jimmy Poole           
Melanie Mathis  Cindy Pryor          
Elaine and Billy Stubbs Melanie S. Mathis          
Susan Welch Charlotte and Ross Chambliss          
  Gay and Bill Sheppard          
In Memory: Ricky Burgess  The Greene Family           
Judy and Bill Wills   Donna and Bobby Strange          
Melanie Mathis and Family  Joni C. Cushing          
Laura and Ty Kinslow  Janet and Hulme Kinnebrew          
Nancy and Bobo Short Sandra Coptsias          
Nancy and Jimmy Poole  Betty Lee Scott          
April and Ray Duke Diane and Gary Reeves          
Michael Shellhouse  Libby and Darrell Crenshaw            
Steve Short Mary Kathryn and Rick Davis           
Debbie and David Bailey Easterlin Pecan Company           
Carol and Ron Hoxsie Felicia and Jeff Alexander          
Anne and Shaw Fletcher Nancy and Bobo Short           
Anne and Harry Entriken Elaine and Billy Stubbs          
Mr. and Mrs. Melvin T. Kinslow Cherilyn and Buddy Guth          
Beverly Johnson            
Clark, Teresa. Lil Clark and Jana Bass            
Sharon J. Anderson            
Cherilyn and Buddy Guth            
Cookie and Bobby Peacock             
Midge and Bob Schuster            
Traci and Rusty Tondee            
Grady Smith and Family            
Susan Welch            
In Memory: Dr. Charles Sheffield            
Laura Kinslow and Ty Kinslow            
 Kelley Kinslow            
In Memory: Alan (Peedy) Ford, Jr.            
Judy and Bill Wills            
Elaine and Billy Stubbs             
Carol and Ron Hoxsie             
Deerfield-Windsor School            
Susan Welch