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Raider Band Updates

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 FSU Band Day Trip – Saturday, September 8, 2012 – meet at school at noon, we will stay until after halftime, and return around midnight. Need money for food and souvenirs. Let us know if your child is going.

2013 Thanksgiving Trip – this will be a combination of several GISA schools-not required but it will be a great experience!

The 2013 6ABC/DUNKIN DONUTS Thanksgiving Day Parade (the oldest Thanksgiving Day Parade in the Nation) in Philadelphia.

More info to follow. Start saving up for this great trip! Cost will be around $700. Please note this is NEXT year! There will be several important meetings leading up to this trip. 

Parents can order band tee shirts $10 and Hoodie sweatshirts $15. Let me know this week, you can pay when they arrive. All band students will receive a Hoodie no charge. If you want to order additional tee shirts ($10) for your child let me know size and quantity.

 Concession stands – August 31 and Sept 28- Let me know if you can help. This week will not be as busy but we still need your help. We can swap out and watch some of the game.

           Send- 24-drinks (Coke, Diet Coke, or Sprite)

           Send-Baked goods to sell

Homecoming Motorcade – Thursday, October 25- More info later Christmas Parade – Thursday, December 6 - More info later

Not going to Bulloch (Nov 2) away game – High School All-Select- November 3-4- Atlanta - More info later

Middle School All-Select – February 2013 - Macon -More info later

 Contact information updates

            Rob Ivey- 229-938-7083

            Jackie Bryce - 229-938-6031

            Athena Ingram – 709-581-3038


We will NOT participate in the Andersonville parade this year, that is our only weekend off. No football game.

No bus for Albany (Sept 14) or Dawson (Sept 21) games. Meet there.

Starting this week all 5th grade students will have band every other week. We hope this will increase interest in being in the band. Thanks Mr. Kinslow!

The concession stand made $1600 profit, thanks to selling a lot of water, drinks, and no leftover food! 

Thanks again to all that helped!!

We love our Raider Band!


Raider Band