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Waffle House Coupon Books valued at over $20 are on sale now for only $5.  Books can be purchased in the office at school, or from any Raider Club Board Member.  

Shop online through out the year for Wrapping Paper and Gifts at

Our school ID is 6011




November 1-David Weldon

November 2-Babe McGowan

November 3-Scott Anderson

November 4-Rocky Huffstetler

November 5-David Calhoun

November 6-Eddie Brunson

November 7-Susan Hill

November 8-Randy Ray

November 9-Ben Adler

November 10-Wesley Murph

November 11-Dan Torbert

November 12-C. L. Walters

November 13-David Calhoun

November 14-Robert Parks

November 15-Greg Barineau

November 16-Ty Kinslow

November 17-Carol Johansen

November 18-Roy Bennett

November 19-William Bailey

November 20-Troy McAllister

November 21-Wally Joiner

November 22-Jody Dupree

November 23-Gail Allegood

November 24-Rebecca Shah

November 25-C. L. Walters

November 26-Babe McGowan

November 27-Boze Godwin

November 28-Rebecca Shah

November 29-Bud Forrest

November 30-Marty Roberts





The mission of the Southland Raider Club is to support the athletic program at Southland Academy.  Through membership dues and a variety of exciting fundraisers, the Raider Club provides over $60,000.00 annually in direct financial support for our student-athletes.  The Raider Club's aim is to enhance the total athletic experience at Southland through a number of special activities and events including:   Wrapping Paper & Gift Sales, Midget Football, Jr. Pro Basketball, 30/30 Gun Raffle, Golf Tournament, Senior Sports Banquet, and Raider Gear Sales. 

The Raider Club is a very proud sponsor of our Southland Academy Raiders!



Memorial and Honorary Donations can be made to the Southland Raider Club throughout the year. Contributions can be mailed to:

Southland Raider Club

P. O. Box 1127

Americus, GA 31709


In Memory of Mrs. Betty Shattles

Jimmy and Wadean Thaxton

Ricky and Denise Burgess

Blanche F. Palmer

Hugh and Dianne DeLoach

Mark and Nancy Hayes

Neil and Jean Bowen

Wally and Brenda Summers

Mr. and Mrs. Melvin T. Kinslow

Melanie Mathis

Mr. and Mrs. James R. Roland

The Bearden Family

Rusty and Traci Tondee

Sparky and Allene Reeves

Bill and Judy Wills

Jim and Julie Taubitz

Lutrelle Perry

Boys C Team Basketball

Clinic Drugs

Larry and Sherri Divers

Darryl and Cara Hawkins

Wilkie and Nancy Smith

Retired Clerks Association

Henry L. Crisp

Bryan McMichael

Sherry S. Lyons


In Memory of Mr. Rick Carter

Bill and Judy Wills


 In Memory of Dr. Quint Weldon

Al, Tammy and Jantz Womack


We sincerely appreciate those who have made contributions to the Raider Club.