5th Graders Step Back In Time To Colonial Days

5th Graders WAIF

The Southland Academy fifth grade students were recently transported back into the 18th Century.  Completely immersed into the Colonial Period, the students are not just reading about Colonial America, they become Patriot children in the midst of the American Revolution and participate in a reenactment celebration of American history.  Patriots Day is the celebration of the culmination of the six week in-depth study of the extraordinary events, times, heroes, and culture of the American Revolution as well as the principles and values which are the foundation of our country.  The Why America is Free curriculum enables the students to experience two centuries simultaneously.  While dressed in attire befitting the Colonial period, students, faculty, parents, and volunteers join the hands-on experience of butter making, metal working, participating in games, as well as making unique crafts.  Likewise, the fifth grade “colonists” savored the authentic lunch and snacks served throughout the celebration.  All of the students enjoyed the daily activities of years past.  What a fabulous way for students to learn about history as they "live" it!  Southland Academy appreciates the generosity of the Americus Town Committee of The National Society of The Colonial Dames of America, Georgia Society for being benefactors of such an incredible learning experience for the students.