RaidersCrossfiT Guest Speaker

3rd graders Raiders CrossFit

Ringing in the Christmas season, Southland Academy welcomed Clark Bass as the guest speaker for the monthly meeting of RaidersCrossfiT.   A Southland Academy graduate and a parent of Southland students, Blake( 3rd grade) and Clay (K4),  Mr. Bass brought candy canes for each student, and used the candy canes as topic of his address to the students.   Mr. Bass engaged the students in conversation regarding the candy canes.  The students were quick to state that the candy cane is like the Shepard's staff .  Likewise, He connected the idea that the upside down candy cane is actually a letter J representing Jesus.  The red stripe represents the blood of Jesus, and the white symbolizes purity.  Mr. Bass also explained to the students in grades 2nd-5th grades that God has always had a plan and the He has a specific plan for each of us.  The students joined Mr. Bass in signing Christmas carols.  The Lower School building was filled with laughter, joy, singing, smiles, and wonderful fellowship that concluded with Mr. Bass and students reciting John 3:16.  What a wonderful way to celebrate Christmas!  Thank you, Mr. Bass, for sharing your heart with the Southland Academy students.